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MINIRISM – Less is More. The Japanese minimalism art movement.


MINIЯISM is the keyword originated in “Minimalism”, and “Rhythm and “Prism” are accreted and minimised.”Materials and information overflow in society. Minimalism let people live as simple as you can be rather than being confused by surroundings.”, “Rhythm provides accents to your life.”, and “Prism reflect lights into various ways”. Mirror script for R of Latin letter, reverse into Я ( meaning of I ) in Cyrillic letter. In this way, it includes messages such as ”Change yourself”, and “If you change yourself, you will change the world”. Also, part of profit from this art movement is used for development of society.


Light green used in Logo, is suggestive of nature, particularly young leaves. Light pink represent Love and warm-heart. Circle signifies 0 (zero) of Minimalism, and the Sun which is the source of energy and life. Mirror script of M denotes mountain reflected on clear surface of lake. Reversed R is mirror script of R and also evokes image of rabbit, that is adorable creature in the nature. R also represents shape of keyhole, which connote “key to open the portal for future”.

Less is More Club:

“Less is More Club” is the community for MINIЯISM. It is free to join. You can take full of advantages by receiving valuable information and invitation for fun events.

Japanese Minimalism:

Minimalism has been cultivated in Japan since ancient times, and the people have been living with respect and caring for materials and nature. For example, “Kimono” is made of flat textile and extremely simple, and it can fit to wider range of body-shapes with only band. Also it is a beautiful piece which can be worn through many generations. “Bonsai” is the art, minimising natural landscapes. Sushi is the gift of nature which is minimally touched. As we can see it is the concept rooted in Japan.

MINIЯISM Founder:  Takuya Nagata

Born in Japan, and worked as journalist across Europe such as London. He is a creator graduated from UK’s national University. Experienced in playing football and Rugby, and also involved with sports fields.

MINIЯISM Furoshiki:

Furoshiki is just non-descript square textiles. The Japanese people valued since ancient times as if it is magic carpet. Simpler things have more depth: “Less is More”. At picnic and beach, Furoshiki can operate as outdoor sheet, and tablecloth at indoor dining. It can wrap up items, and it turns into various shapes of fashionable bag in a blink. It is good idea to wrap and carry bottles to party. When you go out, it becomes a handbag, that can amazingly fit to all kinds of fashion from casual to party dress.

Plastic bags people casually use in daily life, are made from crude oil. “Use and dispose” plastic bag, means that use-and-dispose finite resource. Plastic bags once dumped, remain in natural world without spontaneous decomposition, and enormously affect it. Destroying nature means ruining your living environment. This is nothing other than self-destruction for human beings, that receive amenities from the Earth to live.

Furoshiki can be folded up compactly and fit into pockets. Guaranteed that you can make everyone impressed if you improvise a Furoshiki bag rather than using check-out bag, plucked out by shop staff. Old and New. It is smart and cutting-edge to make full use of Furoshiki inadvertently in scenes of daily life.

MINIЯISM Furoshiki’s character on a rise was producing limited numbers of unique and artistic Furoshiki using rare textiles. For purpose of renovating notion of Furoshiki, designs at the beginning daringly didn’t employ traditional patterns. Instead, introduced variety of themes such as minimal colours, minimal music, Prism that produce polarization and so on.

Furoshiki Bag class for free

We run class for Japanese fashionable and ecological bag. It’s free to join. This is called Furoshiki in Japanese. We occasionally have fun events. Everyone is welcome. We discuss and demonstrate ideals for innovative and ecological future. MINIЯISM is produced by Japanese organisation. For more details, please contact us.

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