Furoshiki Platform as Tool

Furoshiki Platform as ToolDesign

Furoshiki Platform as Tool

Furoshiki is a normal cloth at first glance. However, the ways to use is numerous and there is no problem about the shape of item to wrap. You can wrap it conveniently and carry it in whatever form it is. Let’s see the characteristics of this furoshiki from a new viewpoint, comparing it with a tablet and smartphone platform, which are familiar to everyone.

Furoshiki has the minimum hardware of a square and flat cloth, and it can be utilized in the optimum form from time to time by software which is wisdom of how to use.

Table of contents

Analog hardware:
Smart hardware:
Furoshiki, which is smart:

Analog hardware:

In the age of analog, the radio was made as a radio and functioned only as a radio. The stopwatch was made as a stopwatch and used as a stopwatch. Because it is made specialising for a specific function, it can be conveniently used for the specific function, but it is not usable at all for other purposes.

Of course the radio will not be a stopwatch and the stopwatch will not be a radio. There are also instruments which the clock and the radio are combined, but each function separately exists, and it is not like the clock becomes a radio or the radio becomes a clock.

Smart hardware:

On the other hand, let’s take the example of tablet, a computer device that is square and thin like furoshiki as the digital era arrived. It does not have an antenna like a radio, and it doesn’t have clock hands like a watch. However, it can play both roles in one device with software.

By installing the application, you can also make internet calls and enjoy video games, and it can also have many other functions such as photo shooting and listening to music. There is minimal hardware, and by installing software there, it plays a wide variety of roles.

Furoshiki, which is smart:

Can’t it be said this feature is very similar to furoshiki? In the case of furoshiki, the application of the computer can be applied to “learning how to use it”.

It is not necessary to carry 10 or 20 tools according to the purposes. Depending on software called wisdom, one platform called furoshiki will be transformed into various tools. It can be folded into very compact size like smartphone or tablet while carrying it as well.

Furoshiki has been existing since 1200 years ago, but it is truly amasing that it has advanced features like tablets and smart phones, high-tech devices that are widely used all over the world in recent years.

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