What is the chashitsu of Shoin?

What is the chashitsu of Shoin? Design

In the early chashitsu (tea room or tea house), the samurai housing style “shoin-zukuri,” which was formed by developing the aristocratic housing style “shinden-zukuri,” became established. These were originally developed from Chinese-style architecture introduced from China in Japan. The “shoin chashitsu” has a size of such as 6 tatami-mats or 8 tatami-mats.

Shoin chashitsu

Tea was introduced to Japan during the Heian period (794-1185), but the tea culture once became obsolete. (Introduction of tea to Japan)

After that, it’s thought that the “shoin chashitsu,” which is now known, was formed around the Muromachi period (1336-1573). You can see the prototype of the shoin chashitsu in Doujinsai of Ginkakuji (Jishouji).

In addition, there was “chanoyudokoro” for making tea at the Minamimukaisho in the “Muromachiden,” the residence of General Ashikaga of the Muromachi shogunate. Reference: The picture scroll “Bokiekotoba” Vol. 5, which was produced in Shouhei year 6 / Kannou year 2 (1351).

“Tea of shoin” is a tea ceremony that was held at Buddhist temples in China and was brought to Japan and developed. Therefore, the influence of China remains strong, and Chinese-style karamono (Chinese artworks) were praised for tea utensils, tea bowls, hanging scrolls and ornaments.

“Tea of shoin” basically uses a utensil stand. Since the tea culture has spread mainly in Zen Buddhist temples in Japan, the idea of ​​Zen can be seen strongly in the process of establishing the “shoin chashitsu.”

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