Furoshiki x Spain

Furoshiki x Spain


Spain is located in the Iberian Peninsula, the southwestern part of the European Continent, and mostly facing the sea. The climate is very mild and people are said to be open and friendly. Magnanimousness and openness match features of furoshiki.


Warm climate:

The use of furoshiki on the beach with many holidaymakers is likely to be useful. Also, because of its hot climate, open and casual fashion is the mainstream, and furoshiki will match very well with that style and it will be a good accent.


Design in Spain:

The traditional Spanish design combines the characteristics of the Arab world and the features of the European world, and they are unique and very tasteful. Arabesque, one of the Islamic art forms, can be seen in Islamic architecture still remaining in various parts of Spain, and it is also influencing Spanish art.


You can imagine that the average age of furoshiki will be considerably rejuvenated if you make a furoshiki using optimistic and passionate Spain’s bright, vivid colors in this geometric pattern. If you also draw a geometric pattern like tiles on the whole furoshiki and occasionally make compositions such as “marudori (circle take)” and “Shihounirami (four direction glare)”, it will be truly beautiful.


Arts in Spain:

Even after entered the modern era, the Spanish art world has produced prominent artists such as Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Joan Miró, Antoni Gaudi and so on. How will furoshiki be like when creating it with their sensibilities?


Picasso’s cubism may make abstract cubes emerge on the flat surface of furoshiki.


It can be presaged that an infinite space will be created in furoshiki as fusing with Dali’s surrealism.


The extraordinary playfulness will be born when furoshiki encounter Miro’s graceful curve lines.


Gaudi’s Modernismo may architect elusive and elegant curves on the surface of furoshiki.


MINIЯISM: minirism.org:

The project about dissemination of furoshiki that started in Barcelona is called MINIЯISM: minirism.org. Free furoshiki class is held in Barcelona and the online tutorials were gradually created as well. It can be truly understood that furoshiki has the universal appeal that attracts people when you see the smiling faces and lively eyes of Barcelona’s people learning furoshiki,



Author: Takuya Nagata (Founder of MINIЯISM: minirism.org)

Born in Japan. The creator who is a graduate of the UK’s university. Also worked as a writer, and is passionate on sports.

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